Dreamy Draw, An Alien Landscape

Dreamy Draw (pretty name) Recreation Area is part of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, comprised of several parks. Dreamy Draw Dam has some interesting folklore associated with it.

Dreamy Draw Dam

The summer of 1947 saw a rash of UFO sightings, the most famous of which was the Roswell Crash, but the central Arizona area had 2 crashes of its own that year and Dreamy Draw was the site of one of them.

The first version of the story is that in October 1947, a UFO crashed in the Dreamy Draw area. Supposedly 2 alien bodies were pulled from the wreckage and placed in someone’s freezer. The Army then carted them away. The second version speculates that the UFO first touched down in Dreamy Draw, then hopped about 10 miles to the second crash site in Cave Creek. Rumor has it that the dam was built to cover up the crash site. A large underground vault is also rumored to exist in this area. Officially, the dam was built in 1973, many years after the incident. Uh-huh.

So, last Sunday, when the temperatures were lower than the normal triple-digits we should be experiencing, I headed over there, about 6 or 7 miles from my house, to see if I could sense an alien presence. The low desert is an interesting landscape anyway, filled with scrub and stark, open spaces…little shade to shield you from the harsh sunlight (it does make for some nice contrasts and shadows, though).

Scrub and Mountains

In this isolated area, you’re easily by yourself on the trails and the solitude can either help you get in touch with nature or send your imagination soaring.

Scrub's Not That Pretty

What are these…dinosaur eggs…alien pods…or, hmmmm, maybe just rocks? Nah, not rocks.

Dinosaur Eggs

And what’s with the eerie orbs…or are they just lens refractions? No, they must be orbs.

Lens Refraction

Anything could be hidden in here.

Twigs and Scrub

Oh-oh, what’s that? Oh, never mind, nothing…I guess.

Twigs Closeup

You could get lost out here…all by yourself…no one around…everything looks the same in every direction (kinda like the Wild West).

Wooden Fence

Shouldn’t there be some tumbleweeds blowing through like in all the spooky Western movies?

Bldg in Scrub

And why is there a $1000 fine if you try to get to the dam, the dry dam?

Gate Locked

I’m pretty sure I sensed it and I’ll have to go back for further investigations…maybe at night.

Candace v2v2v2

14 thoughts on “Dreamy Draw, An Alien Landscape

  1. i’m fascinated by this kind of stuff. i don’t necessarily subscribe to extra-terrestrial theories, but the hubby and i have had some interesting convos about it. i love watching shows about these kinds of things.

    great post!


  2. A fine, provocative series that not only shows the area, but conjures up all sorts of related visions – real, unreal… and alien! Nice post.


    1. Really? I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never been to that park before and it’s quite close to my house. But I really do feel compelled to go back very soon.


  3. Great photos and a great story! Someday when the giant locusts from outer space land their silvery pods on the White House lawn, we will all be shaking in our undies. This was great fun to read, and didn’t want it to end! Sooooo I hope you will go back there soon 😉


  4. You crack me up! I think I’d be seeing rattle snakes in everything, like the one that is being skinned on tv right now. Eww. Great series of shots, though!!


    1. I’m sure rattlesnakes (among others) were lurking around under things. I think you have to be careful where you step around there. All I saw were some cottontails and a couple lizards but they were all too fast for the camera.


  5. This post held my interest throughout for several reasons. First, I’m just interested in this sort of thing and love that countryside and second, I was born little more than a year after the Roswell incident which makes me think that maybe my mom was fooling around… Obviously I don’t belong on this particular planet and was mistakenly put here… I fear even a lobotomy may not be enough to deaden my awareness.

    That said, it is very odd to me that said alien visitors are such horrendously poor pilots who crash their ships everywhere on earth. Perhaps this is due to some magnetic anomaly.

    Observing on aminus3 would love this post too.

    May the farce be with you!


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