The plumbago, which is heat-tolerant, in my strawberry jar is flourishing (Kim Klassen texture, but looks much better if you click on it). All 4 of the plumbagos I planted in there are blooming.

And so is the vinca, which can take a lot of heat.

So is the purple basil, also heat-tolerant, which tastes and smells heavenly. The flies enjoy it, too (he is attractive for a fly). You have to pinch the flowers off basil or it won’t continue to grow and this one has new flowers all the time.

The hibiscus is still flowering constantly, but soon I’m going to have to move it to the north-facing patio instead of the south-facing porch because it had a bad summer last year and I wasn’t sure it would recover.

The African Daisies are also heat-tolerant and these have survived for over a year now.

We’ve had a week of 100 plus temps so we’ve pretty much begun the hellacious summer. So far the mornings and evenings are still nice so it’s really not unbearable at all…yet.

Plants that also do well through these Phoenix summers are boxwoods, of which I have several varieties, and ferns.

We have natural murals down the alley. These are my neighbor’s oleanders.

We have some, too, but he has irrigation and we don’t so his are a lot more lush. Kinda looks like we live in the country, doesn’t it, instead of an urban desert.

Other plants in my yard that you will probably see photos of during the long hot summer ahead when I might not get out to shoot much include pyracantha, pomegranate, African sumac, California pepper, silk oak, mulberry, lantana, cat’s claw, pine, ficus, aloe vera, and mesquite. These are all well-established trees or bushes that have been around awhile and generally do well in the summers here as long as they get watered.


8 thoughts on “Plumbago!

  1. You have such a fine variety of plants to enjoy. Heat tolerant plants are something I never think about in this country of cool to cold nights and a limited summer growing season. My friend bought a huge tomato plant already blooming to take home and plant in an effort to actually get some good tomatoes before frost. I enjoyed your series of plant shots.


  2. Oh wow, in addition to being my “go to” place for information on Phoenix street art/murals, now you have become my reference for plants for the yard! Beautiful variety and so interesting to hear which ones have done well for you. I think you live in a beautiful part of town…love those old alleys and the oleander.


  3. It’s good to see that strawberry jar with plants that are doing well! Very pretty! You listed some plants that I remember very well but haven’t seen for many years now. The Oleanders are sure pretty!


  4. It looks like you are having a beautiful spring Candace! I just love the first photograph here. A beautiful flower and such a lovely photograph.

    Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!


  5. Your plants look lovely! In our apartment, we’re a bit restricted on what we can grow on our patio (lack of space, no hose, etc) but we bought some sweet basil today after I did A LOT of research…I’m hoping I can keep those babies alive. Gardening is a lot of work!!


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