Time to start getting ready for one of my favorite holidays…

Less than a month away so it’s officially the season…

Día de los Muertos…November 1 and 2…Day(s) of the Dead…

I just thought I would start to set the mood…

And, hopefully, I’ll have some fun photos to commemorate the occasion…

To toast Los Muertos in style…

Stay tuned…


8 responses to “Skullduggery

  1. I will look forward to what the muralists will do!


    Reblogged this on Mega Spot.

  3. First time I’m hearing about this… Interesting…..

  4. You already have a good collection of appropriate images for the special two days. I like your animated last picture. It looks very good!

  5. Now these are some really attractive skulls, Candace!
    I especially like the first ones. So colorful and so festive.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. So fun! I LOVE this time of year. I think cavaleras are some of the most unique and creative pieces of art. Typical Arizonan right?

  7. Love the shot of the general store! What a great wine bottle too!

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