Enchanted by Encanto


Encanto Park is one of the oldest parks in Phoenix. I hadn’t been there for many years but on New Year’s Day, Tony and I took a walk around it.


Located in central Phoenix, there is a lagoon with paddle boats.

DSC_0007 hole edged

And an amusement park on Enchanted Island.

DSC_0008 groovy


Still decorated for the holidays…


With inflatable ornaments…



Colorful sculptures all around…


Winter in Phoenix often looks like autumn elsewhere.


It was a bitterly cold brisk day (for us Arizonans), so we didn’t walk as long as we had planned.


DSC_0024 re

Yet it was nice to see that the park is well-maintained and attractive, being enjoyed by many.

DSC_0026_palm edge

12 thoughts on “Enchanted by Encanto

  1. Encanto is one of those places in Phoenix that are special and unreal, in being so unexpected. I was just rambling around it one afternoon, and happened to see a quinceañera in progress, which exactly perfect.


  2. I really enjoyed seeing these photos! I had forgotten about Encanto but the pictures brought back many memories of the place. I’m pleased to see it still looking so nice!


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