Honk If You Love Geese

DSC_0004 blue fade

So I was on the top floor of the parking garage at work the other evening and heard this:


DSC_0001 blue pano

I often see a flock of geese flying over my house in the morning but the times are never consistent and I never have my camera. However, I heard these guys coming and happened to have my camera in my car, for once, and was able to get it out in time to catch the flyover. These were a couple different groups flying close together.

DSC_0002 blue sepia

DSC_0003 blue maps

DSC_0005 blue_re

DSC_0007 blue pano

DSC_0006 blue ripple

They sure sound happy and it’s hard not to smile when you see them…even after a grueling day of work.


If the geese aren’t flying, click on above photo to animate.


8 responses to “Honk If You Love Geese

  1. So that’s where they’ve gone. I know I should have followed them!

  2. A fine series of how these birds fly together so well. They know where they are going, but who decides which one should lead? Nice post.

  3. I love seeing Geese — and hearing them too. I know how you felt seeing them and so glad you had your camera handy.

  4. Fun to see the different patterns that the geese create! I always love to hear their calling as they fly overhead!

  5. I do love geese!
    These are wonderful photographs of them, Candace.
    I am noticing here, that I am seeing more of them this year than in the past. It’s nice.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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