Fence Friday

Unlike the Bench Monday Flickr group I mentioned last Monday, the Fence Friday group only requires that you post your photo on Friday, not that you take it on Friday. So, as soon as I get approved (if), I’ll post this fence there.

I don’t know what these little fluffy balls are but they were all over the other day when we were out hiking. Maybe someone else knows?

I started a new Flickr group, awkwardly called “Theme Days of the Week” because I couldn’t think of another way to describe it. A few weeks ago I mentioned it. Here is the basic premise:

We’ve probably all come across Bench Monday and Wordless Wednesday in the Blogosphere and Flickrland but I thought it would be fun to have a blog day of the week for each day. So I came up with these alliterative blog days:

Macro Monday
Texture Tuesday
Wide-Angle Wednesday
Triptych Thursday
Furry/Feathered Friday
Saturated Saturday
Sun Ray Sunday

Wouldn’t you know that, even though I thought of several of these myself, when I went to look them up on Flickr groups, someone else already had, in several cases! So it goes to prove that old adage,

“There are no original ideas. There are only original people.” (Barbara Grizzuti Harrison)

So, feel free to post a photo that corresponds to the day theme. We’re open to other alliterative and non-alliterative days of the week, too.

The only rule: you don’t have to take the photo on the themed day of the week, just post it on that day, please.

The rules are pretty lax, as you can see, so feel free to join in anytime you’d like or to make up a themed day of the week yourself.


6 thoughts on “Fence Friday

  1. Interesting concepts and neat photos… I like the idea of a day for balls… for some probably bad reason I always get a laugh out of the descriptions….

    As for participating in any of these I can hardly keep up with aminus3 — I have no focus and am relatively happy that way….


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