Through the Knot



Come and take a peek…through the knot…with me…









Some Knots by Edwin Honig

Like eyes coming out of the wood,
out for an airing,
a look at
what’s been lying around
all these years—

then not
being able to make it back,
leaving these holes, a never
before known emptiness,

Knotty Fence

7 responses to “Through the Knot

  1. Love every one of these shots!

  2. You are getting some very nice stuff out of that new camera!

    • Only 5 were with the new one, 6 with the old one. I can’t really tell the difference yet. I’m hoping it’s operator malfunction.

      • I think you will have a lot of new possibilities with the new one and it will take some time. It took me forever to figure out the D-80.

  3. quite a “global” look

  4. These are wonderful, Candace.
    I love all of the beautiful texture in the wood.
    Happy Sunday to you!

  5. Fantastic photographs, I like such ideas:) I am greeting

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